Bra Styles

Finding the perfect bra for any occasion is easy at Bras N Things with so many styles to choose from.  There are 5 main shapes of bras, each offering a different benefit and different uplift and fit.  You may have a preference for one over other based on your breast shape, or you may like to mix and match bras to suit your outfits. 

PLUNGE SHAPEPlunge ShapeThis is a modern shape that gives good support and excellent cleavage. It is probably more suited to a firmerbreast of any size and ideal to be worn under clothes with a low plunging neckline. DEMI SHAPEDemi ShapeThis is another modern shape, probabaly more suited to a smaller or firmerbreast. It has less cover and sits lower at the front than a Balconette shape. A great fashion shape. BALCONETTE SHAPEBalconette ShapeThis is a great shape for almost any size and breast type. It creates a beautiful rounded shape, with feminine top cup swell, and because the height of the centre front is fairly generous it is particularly suited to the fuller bust and lower or dropped busts that may be slightly softer.
3/4 COVERAGE3/4 CoverageThis is a great shape offeringgood comfort and support for all day wear, but with slightly less cover than a Full coverage bra. It allows for a small amount of 'Natural swell' to be visible and is usually recognised as a more modern version of the Full Coverage shape. FULL COVERAGEFull CoverageThis shape offersgreat comfort and support and is better suited to the medium to fuller sized breast.The cup covers 90-100% of the breast to reveal little or no top cup swell. SHAPE COMPARISONShape and Style ComparisonTo help you compare the differences between the different styles, we've put together this handy image that shows on a single image, where each of the styles and shapes will sit. This will help you to easily understand what coverage each will provide, so if you prefer the most modest, coverage, choose a full cup, if you prefer less coverage, you can go for a 3/4 cup, a balconette, demi or plunge.

Cup Styles

Once you understand the style or bra that you like, you must then choose what style of cup you prefer.   


A Pushup bra is the perfect choice when you are looking for a lift, either a little or a lot, we'll have both for you. Push up bras are generally lower in the front and a ‘cut-away' neckline. They will have additional padding to help lift your bust made out of either, moulded foam, water or air inserts which in many cases are removable. The additional padding helps to push the breasts inwards and upwards for maximum cleavage.

Contour / Lightly Lined

A Contour or lightly lined bra has a thin contoured moulding. This moulding gives additional support and the perfectly smooth shape. It is not in any way a push up bra.


A Unlined bra has a no contoured moulding or padding at all. It will simply have a structured cup made of lace, mesh or microfibre.

Other Bra Types


A Strapless bra is perfect for whenever you don't want to spoil your outfit with bra straps showing. The best thing about a strapless bra is the edging around the back of the bra. For example the silicone edging will give you extra support and ensure that your bra does not fall down without having straps. Most of our strapless bras come with removable straps so you can wear it either with or without depending on your outfit. As the straps come off this makes the bra convertible so you can change the straps to be worn as a halter neck, racer-back (crossed straps) and with one strap. Some strapless bras also have a low back option.


A Sports bra is designed to provide the extra support required while exercising. Sports bras absorb impact and reduces breast bounce, to prevent stretching or damaging breast tissue. Our Sports bras are available in many styles such as racer backed or straight shoulder strap styles. Some styles are even contoured or have push up for extra support and shape.


Maternity bras are designed with feeding clips to allow new mothers to discretely drop the cup to breast feed. The cups are wire-free for added comfort and to accommodate growth. They have extra hooks in the back for adjustment and support both during and after the pregnancy.

Non Wire

Non wire bras are simply bras without underwires. Everyday support and comfort without a wire. Great for young girls who are still growing, women in early stages of pregnancy, or women who have had surgery.We have non wired bras available in lightly lined, unlined, push up and sports.


A Convertible bra is one where the straps are not fixed on the bra and can be worn in multiple ways. They generally can be worn as a halter, low back and racer back style. Convertible bras cannot be worn strapless unless specifically labelled with a strapless option.