Care Guide

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Let your Bra rest

Letting your bras rest; one day on, a day or two off will let the elastic in your band and straps last longer.

Ban the Bleach

The elastic in your Band and Straps simply can't stand up to the effects of chlorine bleach.

Ditch the Dryer

Even if your bras are protected inside a lingerie bag, the heat will break down any elastics and can cause dimpling in your padding. We suggest that you shape and lay your bras flat or hang them - not by the Straps, but either over a shower rod or clipped upside down from the Band to dry.

Slow spin

While hand washing is ideal, we've designed our bras so that they will stand up to gentle machine washing. When machine washing garments in a washbag, ensure that you use cool water, a mild detergent, and place the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Just keep in mind that the gentler cycle, the better…with little to no spin. For extra protection, place each bra in a lingerie bag-clasped in the back to avoid snagging.

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