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I am the author of my story-Brianna

I am the author of my story-Brianna
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Introducing Brianna.

A strong, complex female protagonist, taking control of her narrative.

This is her story.

At sixteen years old I was in a house fire, and my entire life changed. When I was first burnt my entire focus was purely on surviving and getting through the next day. Slowly throughout my recovery and journey I became more and more aware of my physical appearance again, the insecurities that plague us throughout our lives slowly returning. Something that just seems so utterly ridiculous after surviving such an ordeal. My entire perception of myself had changed, what I looked like and who I was. But it was only 6 months after the fire that I posted photos of all my new scars, as a pledge to myself to accept my scars and my body for what it now looked like. Words and photos I feel that I have completely lived up to that I share with you now.

After this came an internal battle as I struggled to find who I was again after the fire, not wanting to pigeonhole myself as one thing or another. I didn’t want to let my scars take over my entire life whether in a positive or a negative light, but I also didn’t want to disregard them or pretend they were not there, when they had become such a huge part of my life. They have shaped who I am today and deserve to be recognized for what they are and celebrated for what they have let me become.

Over time I have only become more of myself, more honest and true to who I am and want to be. I love my scars and I love that I get to share them and use them as a tool to help other people and to inspire other people. My confidence has bloomed even more through sharing myself with others.

My platform helps me just as much as it helps others. I think the moment I first posted those phots of my scars, my journey to this point in my life was already set – it was just a matter of time before I got there. There was no defining moment after this, only time and seemingly insignificant events that led me to changing my narrative. Owning my narrative. Not being a victim of a traumatic event, and being so much more than a survivor.

As I write these words it has never felt truer, I am my scars but I am also so much more. I am smart, I am kind, funny, passionate. I am brave, strong and courageous, I am compassionate and patient. I am headstrong, stubborn, impulsive yet cautious in the same breath. #iammanythings

You can keep up with all things Brianna over on her Instagram.

3 years ago
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