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A Tall Serve of Stefania

A Tall Serve of Stefania
Posted in: #supportyourgirls

Stefania Ferrario is a bombshell. Fierce, flirty and many things more.

We’re in awe of this powerhouse, and rightly so. Stefania has been serving us lessons in self-love for years. In 2015, Stefania campaigned to end the use of the word ‘plus-size’ to categorise models above a certain size. Stefania coined it perfectly, when she said:

“We need to be normalizing more body types, not categorizing them”

One glance at Stefania’s popular Youtube channel and you’ll know, this woman is feeling herself, and her followers are here for it. Beyond the killer curves, Stefania is an animal lover and an environmental enthusiast. She's sassy, with a soft heart. To celebrate the launch of Fashion x Comfort, we took five with Stefania.

Can you serve us up a tall order of self-love and tell us your three favorite things about yourself?

I love how much I love animals, I love how strong my body is and I love the fact that although I’m not a brilliant cook, I’m always in the kitchen giving it a red hot go!

Can you tell us a bit about your pets?

I am the proud mummy of a bunny named Bambi that I adopted a few months ago. She’s beautiful, docile and very obliging. She is also toilet trained (thank god!) and takes herself outside for play time, coming back in when she’s ready. She is a little ball of fluffy magic in my life.

How are you keeping yourself entertained while at home these days?

I am in the kitchen for a good chunk of day, the rest of the time is mixed between doing some weight training, creating content and spending way too much time listening to true crime. Oh and also procrastinating!

What advice do you have for people that aren’t feeling like being super productive right now or are perhaps feeling down?

I think it’s completely normal to go through prolonged periods of feeling down and unmotivated. We have gone through a lot this year and we can’t expect ourselves to be top form. It is also very hard to be motivated when you are at home a lot of time. I’ve had to organise personal training sessions to make sure I keep my fitness up otherwise there would be no chance I’d be doing any physical activity. I have gone through times in the past where I have been bed ridden for months and everything feels like a dreary chore. Try and accept that you might be going through a period like this and don’t beat yourself up mentally over it. It’s natural and it’s warranted.

What are your favourite ways to enjoy ‘me time’ and selfcare?

I love to paint my nails while listening to interesting podcasts. Baths are another favourite of mine, I only recently moved into a house with one, so I’m definitively making the most of it! I also enjoy sitting down and doing my makeup, while getting a little creative with it. Even if I don’t have plans to go anywhere, see anyone or film anything. It’s just nice to doll yourself up sometimes.

How was it working with Bras N Things on the Fashion x Comfort campaign?

Bras n Things once again proves to be a brand that is inclusive and welcoming. Feeling confident in your skin can be an arduous journey, but having brands that reflect the public and their differing bodies is an amazing step in the self-love journey. This campaign is fun and light hearted. We all know how it feels to struggle with every-day tasks, and a comfy bra is our friend in those situations. I always have a blast on set with BNT, I’m encouraged to be myself and express myself freely.

Can’t get enough of Stefania? To celebrate the launch of the campaign, Stefania chatted to 9Honey about the experience, body positivity and the state of the modelling industry. You can check it out here.

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