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Bras N Mardi Gras - Kath Ebbs

Bras N Mardi Gras - Kath Ebbs
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There’s nothing we love more than parading about in our underwear, and we’re painting the town rainbow for Bras N Mardi Gras. In the spirit of Mardi Gras, we have created a capsule is inspired by vibrant colours and the celebrations of oneself.

This Mardi Gras we were lucky enough to work with Kath Ebbs, everyone has their own experiences and how you express yourself should always be celebrated. We chatted to Kath to find out a bit more about what Mardi Gas means to her.

If you could pick a colour for yourself to show off your personality and yourself, what would you pick?

Pastel yellow! It is my favourite colour of all time. It feels very me. Also growing up I was told yellow washed me out, so subconsciously when I got older, I never wore it. Until one day as an adult I realised that was such a bunch of BS someone said to me, which I was still believing. Long story short, I wear yellow all the time now.

What does Mardi Gras mean to you?

Both a celebration of our community as well as a time to reflect and honour those brave 78ers that marched for our rights in the first ever Mardi Gra back in 1978 - which was a protest that ended in police brutality. We cannot forget where we came from. Glitter and glam is just as important as reverence. A reminder to celebrate as well as continue the fight for ALL members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Not just a few letters, all letters!

What is piece of queer literature you would recommend to our community?

‘Beyond the Gender Binary’ by Alok Vaid-Menon. This book changed my life. I recommend all people to read it. A perfect guide to educating yourself as well as finding ways to have hard conversations with others. Also recommend watching and reading ALL of Aloks stuff. They are changing the game.

Do you have a piece of advice for someone who is wanting to explore or is questioning their gender or sexual identity?

Not so much advice but know you are not alone. We are not taught how to be ourselves in this binary world. It can be confusing. I used to blame myself for not being “normal” , but really the ways in which we are taught is what is not “normal”. You are not alone and there is a community waiting for you. Your people are out there, trust me. Also, just go exploring and have fun!!

You can shop the Bras N Mardi Gras collection here.

3 years ago
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