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Chats N Things with Anna & Mukisa

New Style by Day Loungewear
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There are many things to love about our new Style by Day collection. Comfort fits, always. Beautiful fabrics with a fashion edge, love to see it. Worn by the incredible Anna and Mukisa? Game changing.

Anna and Mukisa star in our new campaign giving us comfy vibes, fashion edge and just the right amount of sass. We chatted to them both about all the many things they love about themselves, the collection and living life a little more low key these days.

Mukisa wears our corset top and bike pant

Fast three questions to help you get to know Mukisa!


Your ultimate creature comfort is..

Reading a good book because it makes me feel at ease and calm


The best way to start the day is...

Playing music and dancing around my house.  


Favourite things about yourself are...

I'm big hearted, creative and patient.  

Mukisa's is many things, and we're for her celebrating this. We asked her to share a few of the things she's really proud of, and the many things that make her, her. 


I am confident 

It’s safe to safe I haven’t always been confident in fact growing up I was really shy and struggled with the way I looked and felt about myself. However, I’ve finally reached the point where I can truely and unapologetically say that I am confident within myself, my skin and my body! 


I am creative 

Alongside being a model I’m also an artist which has helped me become a lot more adventurous with my creativity. I’m able to express myself through my paintings which is something I’m not only proud of but also grateful for.


I am powerful

I consider myself powerful because I know my worth, I’m confident within myself and I’m capable of anything and everything I put my mind to. 

Anna wears the 2 Mile Playsuit

Fast three questions to help you get to know Anna! 


Your ultimate creature comfort… 

Is treating myself with a bath after a long day


The best way to start your day is….

Going on a coastal walk  with a cup of coffee in one hand and a yoga mat in the other


Favorite things about yourself are…

My strength & resilience, loyalty, the the ability to make the most out of what life throws at you, finding fulfillment in nature, sense of humor, passion & courage 

Anna is a model and a wildlife photographer, and so many things more. We asked her to share all the parts of her you might not always see, in all of her messy glory.

I am… Sassy

Being confident is being unapologetically yourself and not being afraid of judgment. I find that judgment form others will always be there one way or another, so why care so much? You be you :)  

I am … Resilient

I became resilient at a very young age in ballet school. Those school years taught me how to stay mentally strong, how to overcome setbacks and how to constructively take criticism & comparison.  Later in life, I found it extremely helpful in my modeling career 

I am … Passionate

I’m very passionate about wildlife, especially birds. Birds are usually a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem and my goal is to spread awareness through my photography. I hope to inspire others to take a closer look at what’s flying around us and how it affects us.

I am… Spiritual 

I practice mindfulness and I’m a firm believer of karma. My spirituality definitely extends to practicing healthy Self-love - you can be of service and give more to others if you take care of your own needs in a healthy way and not sacrifice your physical and emotional well-being to please others. True happiness comes from within and it’s not dependent on material things 

I am… Brave

I’m not afraid to take risks in order to follow my dreams (and neither should You!). Life is too short to settle for mediocrity and wonder “what if…?”. When I started modeling I  really wanted to move to NYC and all of the odds seemed to be against me at the time. Eventually I moved to the Big Apple all on my own, which was a scary experience but it forced me to grow as a person and evolve. And isn’t that the goal? I Find that sometimes the beauty and growth lies in the unknown 

I am… A Queen

I had a long journey to self acceptance that steered from other people telling me how to be, what to do and what to say. Now, I am proud of my journey and I am proud of being unapologetically myself.

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