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Explore Your Things

Explore Your Things
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Women aren’t one-dimensional. So why should our stories be?

We believe it’s time we took control of the narrative.

Owned our fantasies. Our desires. Our bodies.

For all they are. And all they can be.

Because we are many things.

For far too long women have been objectified, over-sexualised and portrayed as one-dimensional. Treated like sexual objects, rather than agents. This campaign is for the women who want to step into their power, feel more confident in their skin and take control of their life.

We asked 1025 women what they think and feel about sex, sensuality and the freedom to express themselves. Among the findings, the survey showed 67% of participants agreed women should be allowed to feel proud about their sensuality and sexual experiences, but only 43% actually did. 

This campaign marks the start of a journey we want to take with women who want to be the author of their story. We all have the power to rewrite our story, throw in a plot twist or make a fresh start any time. Our hope for this campaign is to inspire you to the author your story, own your sexuality and feel empowered to freely explore who you are and who you could be. 

It’s time we start breaking conventions, stepping into power, owning fantasies and redefining our narratives. 

Some amazing women we know have done just this. They are strong, complex female protagonists who have shared some of their big moments with us, past, present and what they hope for their future. Here's a few excerpts of their stories.

Because the best part is, my story is not over...

"I could have stayed and been a big fish in a small pond but I wanted to learn more, meet more people, be exposed to new things that constantly challenged me in a positive way to learn, develop and grow not just personally but professionally. Now look at me, I’m a bad b****, living my eastern suburb dream with Totti’s within an arms-reach, Bondi to Coogee walks and Porch and Parlor pea pancakes. I have great work, great friends and am always experiencing new things."

There's always more to explore...

"Did it make me less of a feminist, because I wanted to be tied up? To feel most liberated when wearing a pair of hand cuffs? The irony wasn’t lost on me. I just knew that after years of refusing to explore these curiosities, between my partner who was adamantly opposed, and myself dutifully compliant, to finally realize my most secret desires felt so exciting."

There's always more to express...

"To my daughter, my greatest triumph!

Your story began the day I received the unwanted Cancer news 9 years ago. Lucky for all of us your selfless Aunty offered to be our surrogate and began chapter 1 with you.

I hope the smile you have continues for all your chapters ahead, you have one hell of a story that can be written anyway you choose, I look forward to reading it along the way."

There is always more to be...

"Just like that, I’d left the forever guy. I was in a country where I knew no one. I felt so bare, stripped of the company of friends, in a hostel room a world away from a life of comfort, no one to affirm that I was someone of meaning. I’d never felt so raw, so vulnerable, and so liberated. I could be anyone."

Breaking conventions. Stepping into power. Owning fantasies. Redefining narratives. We’re sharing stories from women who’ve done just, writing their own story and finding freedom in their many things. We hope it inspires you to share or start yours.

3 years ago
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