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How to find a bra you won’t want to rip off

By Jessica Lauppe-Guy

We all enjoy going braless at home from time to time – no judgement here at all. Ever.

It’s fine to go bra-less while sitting at your desk or having a relaxing day on the couch, but what if you find yourself doing an impromptu dance around the house or need to chase after your kids! Life throws unexpected things at you so wearing a bra can help to make sure you always have the support you need.


Don’t settle for less than super comfy

Like you, I couldn’t help but smile as memes about going braless while working from home flooded social media but the truth behind why women were rejoicing isn’t so fun. Uncomfortable bras are bad! Spending your day in a bra that digs in, rides up, gapes, slips down and has a mind of its own is at best annoying and at worst painful.

The good news? You can fix the problem quickly and easily. Wearing a bra that is the right fit, size and style should feel supportive and comfortable. Your size will change more often than you think for a variety of reasons, so if you’ve never had a fitting or it’s been six months since you were fitted then it’s time to check your size again.

And you don’t even need to leave the house to find your perfect fit – check out our fit guide here and take the guess work out of online shopping.


Embrace alternatives to underwire

Underwire isn’t for everyone. But the great news is there are so many styles that offer support and comfort without underwire.

With so many great options for women of all bust shapes and sizes, you definitely don’t have to wear an underwire to get the support you need. There are great wireless options in our Body Bliss and Smooth Sensation range that offer both comfort and support. For women who enjoy less structure, soft cup bras tend to feel lighter are a great option and bralettes can also be a good choice.


Benefits of a bra

If your bra fits you correctly, then you know how good it feels. You feel supported, more confident, and, if you are like me, have better posture because you feel ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

The effects of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit or going braless is different for each person. Some people experience back, neck and shoulder pain if they don’t have the right support while others won’t feel any difference. Breast sag is a real thing! It affects the connective tissue in your bust called the Coopers ligament and can happen for a range of reasons including age, your skin’s elasticity and good old gravity. While it’s natural for many women to experience some bust sag over time, wearing a bra can offer support to this tissue and lessen the strain.


Our Top Alternatives To Underwire

Body Bliss Wirefree Bra

Featuring soft brushed microfibre and soft marshmallow foam cups, the Body Bliss wirefree bra provides ultimate comfort and support for everyday wear.

Body Bliss Wirefree Bra with Hook and Eye


Smooth Sensation Wirefree Bra

The Smooth Sensation wirefree is everything you need in one bra! The push up cups provide lift while the free cut wings offer a smoothing finish without elastic.

Smooth Sensation Wirefree Bra


Jewel Wirefree Bra

The perfect everyday affordable wirefree bra in a new dark red to add some colour to your wardrobe without compromising on comfort.

Jewel Wirefree Bra


Lucy Full Cup Bralette

The Lucy bralette offer both fashion and comfort with smooth microfibre and sheer spot mesh details.

Lucy Full Cup Bralette


Dante Bralette

A long line style bralette with iconic gold hardware detailing. The Dante bralette is stylish, yet easy to wear, adjustable and has no dig-in wires!

Dante Bralette


Champion Signature Triangle Crop

This wire free bralette is a style you can’t go wrong with! Made with an ultra-soft cotton and a knitted elastic under band for that extra bit of support. This bralette is a perfect staple for comfort and everyday wear.

Champion Signature Triangle Crop


Camelia Bralette

Made from recycled lace this bralette is the ultimate WFH item. Ditch the daggy sports bra and revamp your wardrobe with this beautiful, sustainable and ultra comfy bralette.

Camelia Bralette
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