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I am many things - Khadija

I am many things - Khadija
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Khadija Gbla is so many things. She is a passionate and inspiring African Australian woman, an award-winning human rights activist, inspirational speaker, facilitator and philanthropist. Ever since joining us on our Wisdom from the Motherland campaign we've been in awe of her power. We chatted to her about self-confidence, self-love and is rightfully, so proud of! 

I am… Loud

I am proudly loud. It is an act of defiance as a woman and especially as a black woman to be loud when society tells me to be otherwise. I am loud about injustices such as racism, gender inequality, domestic and family violence, orgasm gap (ladies am I right or am I right?) and I fight even louder to make a difference.

I am also very loud about food, food is life! Food is love! Don't invite me to anything if there won't be any food.

I am… Sassy.

Sassy is my middle name, I came out of the womb sassy. For me being sassy is about being bold, full of spirit, cheeky, clever, feisty and quick witted. I am unapologetically all those things and revel in being sassy.

I am... Sexy.

I like embracing and expressing my sexiness. It feels good to let my inner kitten out in small and big ways. Most importantly I do this just for myself and exude it from the inside out. It is something I nurture for myself!

I am...Passionate.

I live a life of passion. From my activism to my passion for chilli. I also bring passion to the most mundane things which makes them more fun, exciting and worth doing.

I am... Committed.

I give everything my all and always show up for the things that matter. When I put my mind to something I see it through. I have been fight against female genital mutilation since I was 13 and 20 years later I am still going.

I am... Quirky.

I don't mind being different, standing out, being weird. My quirks are part of my charm. For example I always mess up my Aussie sayings. I say all the time kill three chickens with one head instead of kill two birds with one stone.

I am... Unfiltered.

I literally say everything that comes to my mind. It makes me say the most ridiculous things but also totally embarrass myself. One thing you can bet on though is nobody has to guess about what's on my mind.

I am.... Soft.

I am all gooey soft on the side while strong on the outside. I love the contrast. Those I feel safe with get to really see my soft side. I nurture that side of me to ensure I don't let life's stresses harden me up and take away my goodness.

We asked Queen Khadija… What is one piece of wisdom you want to share with women post hearing your story?

Always know your worth and never settle. You deserve the best, just make room for it.

You can follow the many things that make up Khadija over on her Instagram

3 years ago
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