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My Love Is...

My Love Is...
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We all speak our own language when it comes to love – and whether your love is bold, fun, passionate, sweet, complicated or something else entirely, there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to embrace whatever makes your heart race.

Our love is… you. All the incredible, multi-faceted women who inspire and challenge our brand every day to make sure no matter how you express your love, we have you covered. Basically girlfriend, this campaign is a love letter to you – YOU make our heart race.

We were lucky enough to create our My Love Is campaign with four incredible women, Olivia, DJ Tigerlily Dara, Oceana and Shimma. Each woman has her own experiences in how she expresses and embraces love in her life, so we chatted to each of them to find out what their love language looked like! 


My love is passionate

When I look into the eyes of my soul mate, my heart does a little dance and reminds me that everything is going to be okay. I feel safe and wild all at the same time. The passionate love I experience grows everyday for him.

My love is playful

I never want to forget my inner child. She is sassy, fierce, loving and playful and reminds me to always look for the fun and positive in every situation.

My love is brave

Being an artist has given me more doubts than I can name but more importantly it has given me a sense of identity and hope. Hope that I see a better world one day and hope that I will continue to grow into the artist I am destined to be. Being a short, curvy woman of colour has given me a drive to show those young girls that they CAN do it.

My love is equal

No matter who you are or where you are from you are free to Love anyone! Love is Love. Just like we need water, food and oxygen - we need Love. We deserve Love and when we experience Love in all its forms we must treasure it and nurture it.


My love is passionate

I am a Scorpio, which means those I let into my personal life I love so very deeply. I like to have a strong, honest relationship with people. I feel like 2020 lit up my creative passion more than ever, I felt inspired and motivated by those around me which led me into launching an activewear collaboration that I couldn't be prouder of. I find having passion and drive isn't always easy to maintain, but being absolutely in love with where you are putting your time and energy makes it all worth it.

My love is forever

It honestly feels so weird saying that, but when you know - you just know! 2021 is the year I get married. Something that I never really dreamed or thought about like most young girls do. The feeling of being engaged hit me like a million tiny butterflies, a pinch me moment!! So far I feel like I’ve been a pretty chilled out bride-to-be, all the decisions have been seamless and stress free! By no means is my relationship perfect, but that forever feeling never goes away. Bring on October!!

My love is brave

I just spoke about my love being forever, and of course I meant within my intimate relationship. In my opinion, for a love to be forever you really need to go through stages of feeling brave, resilient, equal, wild and of course romantic. To love someone in a way that is forever you must learn to love yourself first. I believe you must be open and honest with yourself, make room for growth, change and acceptance. 2020 taught me many things, but I really shifted my focus towards being grateful. I’ve never seen myself as an ungrateful person but like everyone, we get caught up in our own day to day living. we get comfortable in our ways of life and what we have that is easily accessible to us we take for granted. I believe that it takes bravery to step outside your comfort zone and make room for more awareness and create a voice for yourself or for someone who may not feel brave yet.


My love is equal

A desire that is centered very deep within my soul is the dream for every living being to be seen as equal, valuable and important in one another's eyes. When I look at my fellow humans, and when I look at all the beautiful animals that grace this earth, I see them as equal... as living, feeling, sentient beings. Being able to show compassion is something that I am very proud of, and is something that is a very attractive feature for me in other people. This is the basis for a lot of the work I do in the animal activism space, and is a strong passion of mine.

My love is playful

Laughing is the best medicine for anything!! My partner is an absolute joker and on the daily he leaves me in stitches. Having this playful, lighthearted element of our relationship is very important to me. In a world that is increasingly stressful and serious, being able to play, to giggle, and to smile on the daily is essential!

My love is big

I've learnt a lot about love in the last 12 months. Love isn't just being kind and caring towards your partner or family and friends. It's showing up every day in your community and supporting your local businesses. It's following and engaging with platforms online that are the educators and change makers in a world that is consistently divided. It's reaching out to an old friend to check in and see if they are doing okay. It's smiling at a stranger as you pass them in the street, even if they can't see your mouth behind your mask. It's putting your neighbours bins in on a wet night. It's eating less meat and having shorter showers. Love is SO MUCH MORE. My love is BIG!


My love is forever

When I’m lucky enough to meet someone I love, friend or partner my love for them is eternal. It may not be quite as strong at times but they will always have a permanent little space in my heart.

My love is equal

My love knows no race, nor age, nor class. It is blind to the unimportant things. It’s lights up and takes of and reaches any and all that it needs to.

My love is sweet

Sweeter than pie to be exact! It’s thoughtful and caring and considerate. My love is doing something nice without ever being asked, just to make someone smile.

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