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Tegan's Tips & Tricks

Tegan's Tips & Tricks
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We all have a story about something outrageous we did in our teens to keep up with a trend. From dying my hair pink to plucking my eyebrows off, nothing beats the night that I duct-taped my boobs up so high even the boys were confused.

There was this black leotard circling my group and the sheer panel down the middle didn’t make it an easy one to wear. When it was my turn to rock it, I tried it on for my friends and they responded kindly that it wasn’t flattering on me. Well!! I have never been one who likes to be told I can’t do something, so I took matters into my own hands and went downstairs to Dad’s tool box (I am laughing as I write this!).

After using half of Dad's roll of electrical duck tape trying to get the technique right, I slipped the leotard on and strutted into that party feeling more confident than ever! My boobs were perky and I was stoked with my result but fast forward to the next morning and I was in excruciating pain trying to rip the tape off which took half my skin with it. Thank goodness for the evolution of various bras and products over the coming years that would stop my friends from telling me I shouldn’t wear something..

Over the course of my twenties, I have spent much of my time on red carpets and on various themed sets in front of the camera. I have worn some of the most plunging necklines, bustiest corsets and lowest back dresses you have ever seen but with the guidance of my stylist and in working with some Australia’s most talented designers I have developed a toolkit that allows me to have daring moments that fill me with confidence and make me feel my sexiest! Below are some of my favourite products to help make these moments possible.

Magician Breast Lift Tape

For those low cleavage dresses you never thought were possible to wear - think again! The name of this tape is accurate as it seriously creates a magic lift. What I love most about this tape is that there are suggested applications to create cleavage, top swell, backless or a larger bust. It has helped me countless times to strap my natural size D’s in place and rock a sexy gown on a red carpet. In this photo I used the tape down the sides of my breasts to create this cleavage, for someone whose breasts are set quite far apart this tape can work absolute wonders.

Extreme Plunge Strapless Bra

This bra has saved me time and time again from declining outfits I thought would never work with my natural size. The best part about it is you can pop it on and go from feeling flat to fab in a matter of seconds! The amount of times people have asked me if I have had my ‘boobs done’ when I was wearing this bra is hilarious! This bra is designed to firmly hold your breasts in place and the low cut at the front allows it to sit under more low cleavage outfits than your average bra (as you can see in this photo). I highly recommend this bra even for people with a big bust, it is strong and supportive while still being comfortable enough for a long wear.

Corset Adhesive Bra

This bra is a game changer! I remember purchasing my very first stick on bra from Bras and Things as a teenager and being absolutely mind blown. While even the first stick on bras were genius, they have come a LONG way and the design of the corset adhesive bra allows me to have a busty cleavage even when wearing a backless or strapless outfit. This bra is powerful and surprises me at how much strength it has in pulling my breasts together for a perky cleavage plus it holds them all night long! This stick on bra has been a secret weapon of mine for many years now and the amount of wear I get out of it is worth every penny spent.

Nipple Covers

As much as I love some extra support, sometimes if there is a special dress or top I just HAVE to wear, this is where Nipple Covers come in handy. These reusable silicone nipple covers sit so close to my skin that I have been able to wear skin tight outfits and no-one has raised a brow. I generally keep these stashed in my drawer for outfits that are either silk, skin tight or completely backless with some sort of sheer feature that prevents me from wearing an adhesive bra. Sometimes I try an outfit on and it fits me with no bra but there is no chance I would be able to wear one, so instead of ditching the outfit I love I reach for my nipple covers. I’ve always found them really comfortable, so comfortable that I have kept them on the whole next day forgetting they were even there!

At most shoot’s in my 13 years of modelling there has been a stylist with her toolkit of products similar to the above and by the end of the day we have used them all. This is proof that when you see other women out and about that have you thinking ‘I could never wear that’- it's not true!

As we get older and gravity takes hold of our natural breasts we tend to choose higher and higher necklines and stick to our ‘safe outfits’. Well I am here to put my foot down and say ladies throw the skivvies out, I want you to go and buy the sexiest outfit you can find and rock it like the beautiful woman that you are!

Much love, Tegan x

3 years ago
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