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The BNT Book Club - Jana

The BNT Book Club - Jana
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We know how to lose ourselves in a book. But sometimes, we find parts of ourselves in there too. The BNT Book Club is a destination to share a love of reading, our many things and how we can discover and express ourselves through books.

Jana is a collector of kinda/sorta boyfriends and candid sharer of dating stories and tips – which we can’t get enough of! When she’s not hosting her dating podcast – Jana (with a J) – or penning a column for she can be found hanging with her pooch Ziggy completely absorbed in a good book. She’s shared a few of her favourites with us and we can’t wait to devour them.

I Am … A Survivor

Book: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – by Holly Ringland

I came across this book after a friend recommended it on Instagram. She tagged the author and I am shameless enough to say that I loved her fabulously flamboyant dresses and writing caravan so much that I went out and bought her book.

I was expecting a light and easy read, but wow! This book kept me up at night. It explores how a young girls damaged childhood can lead to a transformative upbringing, with of course, a few bumps along the way.

It spoke straight to my heart about falling for the wrong man and having to find the courage to get yourself out of a situation you are not entirely ready to leave.

The way she describes not only the Australian outback with all its beautiful flowers, but the deep personal feelings of someone in a tragic situation, it makes you feel like you are right there alongside the main character. You find yourself cheering along as she discovers all the great things in life, including the beautiful Australian landscape.

If you’re looking for a book that makes you want to reach into the story and pull the lead character in to a warm hug, then you will love this book. I couldn’t put it down.

I Am… Complicated

Book: Three Women – by Lisa Taddeo

I read a review for this non-fiction book in the New York Times and was amazed at the years of research that went into re-telling these true stories of three women over 10 years of their (very different) lives.

One woman has found herself in an open-marriage, another is fighting a court case against a teacher who groomed her as a teenager and another is contemplating leaving her husband for her high school sweetheart.

Who said life gets easier the older you get?! At times you love these women, at times you’re annoyed at them, and then there’s those times you want to shake them and say ‘stop being a sucker for punishment!’

It’s a fascinating sneak peak into the lives of women who, at the surface, seem very normal. It reminded me that what you see on social media is very different to the every day struggles women face, in their career and personal life.

I Am… Witty

Book: Everything I know about love – by Dolly Alderton

I have bought this memoir for no less than five other friends after reading it. It is OH SO good! It’s written in essay form by former British dating columnist Dolly Alderton, who you may also know from the popular podcast ‘The High Low’ that she co-hosts with Pandora Sykes.

Dolly has a very open and witty way of sharing stories from her 20’s that include falling in love, recognising her own self-sabotage, finding a job (including working as a Producer on Made in Chelsea), throwing a disastrous Rod-Stewart themed house party, getting drunk a little too often, being dumped, and finding that that your mates are your one true loves.

I fell in love with Dolly and her unique way of seeing the world. She makes you feel a little less bonkers, and reminds you that it’s ok to not have it all worked out by the time you turn 30. Cannot recommend this book enough. One of my absolute faves!

Jana Hocking is a radio producer, columnist for, regular commentator on Triple M's late night show 'Danny Lakey Live' and host of dating podcast Jana (with a J).

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