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We are Many Things, We are Sheppard

We are Many Things, We are Sheppard
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At Bras N Things, we're for celebrating women, in all our messy glory. Our I am many things blog series shares stories of many women, and the many things that make her, her. Behind every successful woman, is herself. So let's celebrate our complexities, our capacity to be so many things at any given moment in time. We're your cheer squad, with an outfit change at the ready and a reminder that you are so many things, all of them magic.

Emma and Amy Sheppard are many things. Sisters, collaborators and musicians with personalities that compliment and contrast each other. Emma is bright, quirky and enigmatic, pushing boundaries with her personal style and a self-confessed bikini addict. Amy is playful, vibrant and edgy, a singer and songwriter with mermaid-esque hair. Together, they form Sheppard, an Australian grown indie-pop band, as individuals, they stand as strong, passionate women.

Amy and Emma went on a shopping spree at Bras N Things to find items that celebrated different facets of their personality. With their wardrobes each looking like a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and cuts, we couldn’t wait to share with you how each of our designs made them feel.

Want to see more Sheppard? Head over to the Bras N Things Instagram for more reels of the collab! 

4 years ago
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