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We Fit for Anything

We Fit for Anything
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We know being fitted for a bra can be a daunting experience. Between first bra fitting horror stories, unforgiving fitting room lighting and shock sizing revelations, there are so many misconceptions that can really put you off.

We’re on a mission to replace that feeling of existential dread associated with being fitted for a bra, with the assurance of positive and personal fitting experiences, every time. That’s why we’ve created our new bra fitting positioning, We Fit for Anything.

Bras N Things have empowered and helped women find the perfect fit for more than 30 years – we are the experts in fit. We have bras that support every woman in every phase of her life and every occasion, so whether it’s a first bra, maternity bra, something for date night or the office – we fit for anything. We know being fitted for a bra can be overwhelming. With more than 30 years’ experience as experts in bra design and fit, we’ve heard it all.

“But my ye old faithful t-shirt bra is still good! The wire poking out of the cup has gotten a little annoying lately though…”

“How does this even go on? Is my arm through the right hole? Where’s the clasp? Is there even a clasp?”

“You’re JOKING surely that is not my bra size!”

At Bras N Things, every fitting experience is personal and positive, with our bra fitting experts taking the time to educate you about the perfect fit, rather than just selling you a bra. The fitting rooms are truly where the magic happens. It’s a no judgement space where you can have that moment of connectivity with yourself, try something new and consider the endless possibilities of self-expression. Our bra fitting experts are confidence warriors, they’re there to make you feel comfortable and confident, then give you room to explore and discover for yourself whatever it is that feels true to you. Leave feeling fit to take on the world, standing that little bit taller, owning yourself and your many things like it is no one’s business.

We’ve pioneered a contact free fitting method allowing us to keep our customers and our team safe. Our bra fitting experts take the time to walk you through how to measure yourself and help you find your correct size in three easy steps, all with zero physical contact. If you’re not comfortable heading into store right now, we’ve got an Online Fit Hub available for you to access anytime, anywhere.

We’re here to support you through every stage of your journey. Your first bra? Our bra fitting experts will make the experience so enjoyable, you’ll be wanting your second, third and fourth as well! If you’re preparing to welcome a little one to the world, you’re transgender or If you’ve just had any type of breast surgery, we’ve got you! It's never a case of one and you're done with bra fits - as women our bra sizes can change more than 5 times in our lifetime! We recommend being refitted regularly to ensure you have the very best fit, at all occasions and stages in your life.

The best part about having more than 30 years’ experience as experts in bra design and fit, is being able to share all the amazing experiences we’ve had helping women find what’s right for them. We’re so proud to be a part of every occasion in a woman’s life where she needs to be fitted for a bra. Here are just a few of our favorite testimonials from women over the years.

Harbourtown SA

To whom it may concern, Last Tuesday I took my 11 year old daughter, Annalise into your Harbourtown store to get her first bra fitting after she had grown out of her training bras. She was very anxious (and understandably embarrassed) before going into the store however the retail assistant, Maggie, was FANTASTIC with her and made her feel at ease! Maggie introduced herself and explained to Annalise what she would be doing and why bra fittings were important. She dedicated a lot of time to Annalise and was calm and never rushed in any way, even though there were other customers that needed serving in the store at the same time. Maggie spoke to Annalise throughout the entire process and asked her permission to measure her and look at her in the changing room in the bra sizes she picked out for her. The customer service she provided to Annalise and myself was absolutely second to none. She made this a very positive experience for Annalise and was highly respectful, friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Maggie understood what an important day this was for Annalise and spoke directly to her as the customer, explaining to her things such as how to adjust, wear and wash her bra. She also helped Annalise pick out a nice pair of bathers! Annalise felt very comfortable with Maggie and enjoyed her experience and felt very grown up when leaving the store! Thank you to Maggie for this brilliant customer service experience!


I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you. After having a baby, 1.5yrs on I was STILL in maternity bras as I just couldn't find anything to fit me, and had terrible experience with fitting elsewhere. I was a bit nervous about coming in but the assistant was so understanding; I didn't feel judged whatsoever when getting her opinions on fit etc. I just wanted to express my gratitude as becoming a mum and having your body change so much can pose some issues, but being comfortable is no longer one of them - woohoo!

Coffs Harbour

I just wanted to say what a great customer experience I had today. I was assisted by your staff member Molli and she was so professional, helping me find a style and size that suited my needs. She made me feel really comfortable during the fitting. It was my first time shopping at your store and I’ll definitely be back thanks to the positive experience provided by Molli.

Taylors Lakes

Hi, I just wanted to pass on that I received wonderful service when I visited the Watergardens store from Remi & Analise. Particularly, Remi who made my fitting experience so easy, whilst looking for a breastfeeding bra. Great work girls!


My wife has struggled with depression and body image issues most of her life due to a traumatic personal event. When I brought her reluctantly into our local store, she found that through talking with the team she was able to realize that she wasn't alone. Kira was the one who really connected with her during her fitting and subsequent visits. Through asking personal questions and relating parts back to her own story, Kira really brought her out of her shell and even though I have thanked her for it, it just doesn't seem enough... I have spent a ridiculous amount on lingerie over the last 12 months (in store 3-4 times a week now) and we will keep going back because of the dedication that your staff continue to show us and also because seeing the change in my wife has been well worth it... They are more than staff in a shop now, they are more like family... I don't know what you can do to recognize the ladies outstanding efforts but Eve, Hannah and especially Kira deserve some form of acknowledgement for changing a life and saving a marriage because they dared to care...

Knox City

I had a wonderful experience with Courtney at the Knox store the other week. She was super friendly and made me feel comfortable and like I was in capable trusting hands when she was fitting my bra size. She made sure I felt good and made suggestions. She also explained what she was looking for when fitting me and went and got a new bra for me to try on if the first time didn’t fit just quite right. She also worked well jumping between fitting customers and giving equal attention to each. Best customer experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Courtney!

Unable to visit our bra fitting experts in store?

Our Bra Fitting Hub is available to you here 24/7! 

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