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Wisdom from Steph Claire-Smith

Wisdom from Steph Claire-Smith
Posted in: #supportyourgirls

This Mother’s Day, we’re sharing #HerWisdom, encouraging fierce females to share pieces of advice they’ve been given that have really stuck with them.

Steph Claire-Smith is a powerhouse. She's an entrepreneur, a publisher, a model, an advocate for healthy living and so many things more. She also happens to be a mum-to-be! We were so privileged to work with her alongside her mum Wendy on our Wisdom from the Motherland campaign, and share some of her own wisdom with our BNT community.

What is one piece of wisdom you'd like to share with our community?

Do more of what makes you smile! 

We look at everything you've done and we are in total awe. What is your proudest achievement? 

Running Keep It Cleaner along side my best mate Laura Henshaw is absolutely something that makes me proud on the daily. I never would’ve imagined running a business, nor would I have ever dreamed of it to grow to what it has. We’re both incredibly proud of it as a whole and proud of the community that has grown from it. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as working on a product that changes peoples lives for the better.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

There’s too many things in the world that need to change, it’s really hard to pick just one. But something I hate seeing is trolling or bullying - it’s effecting way too many people and taking way too many lives. I wish the world could be a whole lot more considerate of one another, and that people would show more empathy than judgement to those around them.

What is one thing you know about yourself now, or wisdom that you have gained that you wish you knew five years ago? 

I think we learn and grow so much from our mistakes, I try not to look back and regret things or wish I could’ve told myself things too much. But I do wish I could tell myself not to worry, that everything is going to work out fine. I think I spent too much time worrying about what others thought of me… what subjects I was doing in school, what I wore to a party, who I was dating, what I was going to do when I graduated… most of these things I ended up staying true to myself and doing exactly what I wanted, but there were so many occasions I was almost ashamed or embarrassed of my decisions because I cared way too much about what others thought of me.

When I entered the modelling industry and started comparing myself to others on a whole other level, this lack of confidence in who I was really lead me down a pretty shitty path. These days I’m really confident in the person I am, and I’m really proud to say that I love the person that I am.

What is one issue you feel strongly about that you don't think enough people know about?

I think the fitness industry is definitely changing in the direction it needs to be, but there is still a huge misconception on what a ‘healthy’ body or a ‘healthy’ lifestyle looks like. We’re all made up of different genetics, we all grew up in different circumstances and we all lead very different lives with different interests and priorities. To me this means that living healthily can look different to everyone. Everyone has a different healthy weight range that their body sits at, and this major comparison society pressures us into to all looking the same or holding this minimal amount of fat on our bodies is just terrible.

Your weight does not define your health, nor does it define you as a person. There are a million different opinions and a lot of professionals in the industry stand for different things… thats okay - because health isn't a one size fits all approach. Find a healthy routine that works for you, thats sustainable and that you enjoy… and don't let anyone tell you that it’s not enough.

That’s one thing I absolutely love about our KIC community. They’re moving their bodies and fuelling their bodies with nutritious foods because it makes them feel good. Equally, they feel comfortable to take breaks, to have nights out, to enjoy things like chocolate and wine and LIFE! They’re not caught up in what others think of them or their appearance. To me that's what living a healthy and happy life looks like.

Steph shines in our Wisdom from the Motherland campaign. You can shop the range here

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