Bras N Things Loyalty Rewards ProgramBras N Things Loyalty Rewards Program
What is the Bras N Things Loyalty Rewards Program?

The Bras N Things Loyalty Rewards Program, provides members with the following rewards that can be earned and redeemed both in-store or online:

  • Welcome reward voucher: Sign up to receive $10 off your next order over $50
  • Birthday reward voucher: Remain subscribed to receive $20 off your next order over $60
  • Spend & Save reward voucher: For every $100 spent using your membership details, enjoy $5 off your next order
Can I still use paper receipts to redeem $5 discounts in-store?

No. The new digital vouchers offer the same benefits as you’re used to with in-store receipts, but receipts will no longer be accepted as a form of redemption. Instead, you can use vouchers to redeem either in-store or online.

How do I find and redeem my voucher rewards?

Members will receive a rewards email advising a discount voucher is available.

To redeem in-store: Present the QR code on your rewards email to our store staff at the time of your transaction. You can either show the QR on your phone or present a printed version.

To redeem online: Create an online account or login to your existing account, then go to your My Account Loyalty page. Copy the rewards voucher code you wish to apply to your order. In the checkout, paste the voucher code in the Loyalty/Gift Card section and press the Apply button.

How many reward vouchers can I apply in a single order?

You may redeem up to 3 x Spend & Save vouchers, 1 x Birthday voucher, and 1 x Welcome voucher in a single order.

Can reward vouchers be applied in conjunction with other discounts?

Yes, they can unless the terms of the other discount offer expressly exclude the use of vouchers.

How do Points work?

1 point is accumulated for every dollar spent (excluding gift card purchases and delivery costs). Once you reach 100 points, or have spent $100 across one or multiple orders, you will receive a $5 rewards voucher to use on your next order.

To track your points at any time, create an account or login online and go to the My Account/Loyalty page.

Can I use my rewards voucher in-store and online?

Yes, you can. However, you can only use a voucher once either in-store or online.

For full terms & conditions please click here

Why did I get an error saying my voucher code couldn’t be added when purchasing online?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • 1. Check the voucher code added in the checkout is the same as the code shown in your My Account/Loyalty page.
  • 2. Ensure the voucher code has not been used previously. Vouchers can only be redeemed once.
  • 3. Verify the voucher code meets the reward criteria. The $10 Welcome voucher has a minimum spend of $50. The $20 Birthday voucher has a minimum spend of $60. The $5 Spend & Save voucher allows up to 3 vouchers of this type per order only.
  • 4. Make sure the voucher is still valid. All vouchers have an expiry date that can be found in your My Account/Loyalty page.
When can I expect my vouchers to be available and emailed to me?

Bras N Things aims to send vouchers in the following manner:

  • Welcome reward vouchers: Within an hour of signing up
  • Birthday reward vouchers: On the day of your birthday
  • Spend & Save reward vouchers: For in-store purchases within 30 minutes. For online purchases, within an hour after receiving the email that your order has been shipped and on its way.
How long are vouchers valid?

Welcome and Birthday reward vouchers are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Spend & Save reward vouchers are valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The expiry dates can be found online in your My Account/Loyalty page.

If I’m a member either in-store or online, am I automatically a member on both?

If you’re only signed up in-store, no. You will still need to sign up online to link and/or view your points online.

If you sign up online, yes. You will automatically be a member in-store.

Where can I read the full terms and conditions for the Loyalty Program?

Please click here for full terms & conditions.