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BNT x Enchanted - A New Era of Romance

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Shop Enchanted here.

At Bras N Things, we are proud to say we’ve got a little bit of something for everyone – whether you’re bold, expressive, passionate or playful, a perfect set of lingerie is waiting for you within our stores. Our Enchanted brand, is all about the detail – premium styles and extravagant features, that invites all to unlock their flirty side and to feel feminine, chic and romantic. Hear about the brand, the beautiful styles and a sneak peek into the behind the scenes designing the gorgeous styles.


Enchanted is a brand that focuses on the special details – delicate lace, pretty pastels, soft frills and beautiful floral patterns, providing a range of styles that aim to inspire self-love. Encompassing a girl-next-door vibe mixed with boho-chic, each design has a touch of love that will let your inner romantic run wild. Now running up to a G cup and size 18 in a selection of shapes and designs, Enchanted will bring the magic in spell-bounding style.

Kukkuwa wears For The Brides baclonette.

Susanna wears Soft Savannah Plunge Underwire.

Kukkuwa wears Perpetual Femininity in a full cup.

Sussana wears For The Brides underwire slip.

We chatted to buyer & designer Kimberley Ustariz, to hear about the inspiration behind the Enchanted brand.


How would you describe Enchanted as a brand?

Enchanted has evolved over the last year and we’ve redefined it’s handwriting. The brand portrays a very flirty, pretty and feminine aesthetic with a slight boho feel. The brand loves to play on soft pastels, washed tones and garden florals that are fused together in both rich and delicate embroideries. Throughout the collections you’ll see lots of signature features like romantic bows, large picot trims, soft frills and sparkly trinkets. The brand is for those who love to wear beautiful lingerie and embodied its essences when wearing the product.


How would you say the handwriting has evolved?

We’ve really tapped into a more flirty, pretty look and feel. I think our colour palette has really evolved, we’re being more experimental with our colour offering with the use of multi-tone laces and embroideries, whilst also playing with colours that complement each other to give a more premium and elevated look. The brand is also placing a focus on full cup which we haven’t always in the past. We saw this as an opportunity and really want to capture this customer offering them both an Enchanted bra with an amazing fit. 

Are there any inspiration/trends that help shape the sub-brand and it’s designs?

It’s no surprise that Bridgerton has been one of our most recent sources of inspiration. We’ve had a lot of fun taking classic, romantic elements and using them in a modern way. The brand also seeks inspiration from travel, bohemian lifestyle, fantasy and the cottage core trend.

How do you want someone to feel whilst wearing an Enchanted piece?

The custom is always front of mind through every design. Every element and detail is considered in the making. We want the customer to feel confident, always. But to also have fun in our designs. Each collection is design with the intention of the custom dressing up for themselves to make them feel great. Its feminine, fun and not too serious.

Biasness aside, what has been your favourite Enchanted pieces?

This is hard! Probably Perpetual Feminity. There’s so many elements to this range - sparkly hardware, multi-tone lace with beautiful rich tones and we’re offering it to the full cup customer.

Soft Savannah is also a fav. I love the romantic, rich floral embroidery on a sheer ground which gives it a playful touch. It embroidery also has a soft outline which gives a sketch-like look.

Sussana wears Perpetual Feminity.

Shop the brand here, and feel the magic of Enchanted, in a new era of romance.

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