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Bras N Things x Ovarian Cancer Australia - Take On Cancer In Your Knickers

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World Ovarian Cancer Day is coming up on May 8th – this is a day to recognise the disease, and it’s horrific impact on women around the world, and their loved ones. At Bras N Things, we are passionate about our inspiring confidence warriors, and supporting all women around the globe.

Bras N Things have teamed up with Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA), along with other partner brands Bonds and Jockey, to support their inspiring new campaign, ‘Take on cancer in your undies’. We are actually in our third year of partnership, and are very proud to support such a great cause, and the fight against ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is Australia’s deadliest female cancer, with a five-year survival rate of just 48%. In comparison, the five-year survival rate for women with breast cancer is 92%. 5 women a day in Australia are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and over 1,700 a year. “When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was in a state of pure shock,” says Emma Fitzgerald, one of the faces of OCA’s new campaign,” I was young and healthy and it’s not something that I ever thought about as a possibility. There's so little awareness and information out there, I'd never even heard of the illness before I was diagnosed.” Did you know that 2/3 women have not even heard of ovarian cancer before their diagnosis?

OCA are fighting for more awareness of these terrifying stats, better treatment options and more research funding into the disease. The Not-For-Profit also delivers essential psychosocial services, which includes the provision of specialist ovarian cancer nurse consultants to support those women through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. “Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) has provided me with such unwavering support since my diagnosis,” says Emma, “Anything we can do to raise funds or awareness for this organisation is incredibly important,” Fitzgerald said.

So how can you get involved and support this great cause in raising awareness and funds for further medical research? Well, we just had to put a bit of a spin on it – we will be selling teal ‘Take on Cancer in Your Undies’ underwear, and will be donating 100% of profits to OCA to help fight ovarian cancer (up to $300,000). The underwear will also be sold in store at Jockey & Bonds, as well as in Coles stores, and available online now.

CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia, Jane Hill, says buying the teal underwear is an easy and fun way to support women with ovarian cancer, and are looking to double the funds raised last year (yikes – we’ve got a big target to meet!).

So get clicking, get buying, and help support this inspiring cause by OCA and the fight against ovarian cancer (and get a cute pair of teal knickers out of it!). Shop the undies here.

There are also other ways you can get involved and help the fight – you can start a conversation with a peer to raise awareness, you can encourage a loved to one to look for signs or symptoms, or you can just give a like to OCA’s facebook page and follow their journey. Absolutely every step counts when it comes to raising awareness of this cause.

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