Knicker Styles 101

Finding the perfect fitting knicker can be just as important as the perfect fitting bra. Here are several styles of knickers, each offering a different but comfortable fit. To help you decide the best styles, here is our knicker guide.

Brazilian Knickers

Knicker Styles 101 - Brazilian

Brazilian knickers have a cheeky cut with more revealing coverage, designed to flatter

Available Sizes : 6 to 18

G-String Knickers

Knicker Styles 101 - G-Strings

G-Strings offer front coverage and a line-free finish, whilst not covering the bottom.

Available Sizes : 6 to 18

Bikini Cut Knickers

Knicker Styles 101 - Bikini Cut

Bikini cut knickers are shaped to flatter and offer good, but not full rear coverage. They have a waistband that sits around the hip.

Available Sizes : 6 to 20

Boyleg Knickers

Knicker Styles 101 - Boyleg

Boyleg knickers have a wider side seam for extra coverage and they fit well both on straight hipped or curvy figures

Available Sizes : 6 to 20

Full Brief Knickers

Knicker Styles 101 - Full Brief

Full brief knickers sit on the waist and give full rear coverage

Available Sizes : 6 to 22

High Waist Knickers

Knicker Styles 101 - High Waist

High waist knickers sit high on the waist and provide full rear coverage

Available Sizes : 6 to 22